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Group therapy for interdisciplinary researchers

A workshop associated with Critical Alternatives 2015


About the workshop

In this workshop, we reflect on and share the fun and frustrations of working in interdisciplinary research. We ask participants to openly reflect on their experiences of interdisciplinarity. What approaches have worked and what have failed? In addition to identifying phenomena, we aim to sketch out the next decade of interdisciplinary research in computing, especially in HCI.

The third paradigm of Human-Computer Interaction focuses on the qualitative aspects of use experience and the situatedness of technologies. This new orientation has drawn in researchers from various other research and arts backgrounds and traditions, including the social sciences, architecture and industrial design among others. Therefore, we consider this third paradigm to be inherently interdisciplinary.

Through workshop participants’ reflection of their own experiences, we strive to identify the common problems and pitfalls of interdisciplinary research, and to celebrate successes as well as share best practices. We encourage participants from any design or research background to apply in order to create a space for genuine interdisciplinary dialogue.


Dr. Marko Jurmu

Dr. Johanna Ylipulli

M.Sc.(Arch.) Anna Luusua

2015 Position Papers

[PDF] Hansson, Karin: Research practices as strategic games: Clarifying differences in gameplay to support interdisciplinarity

[PDF] Kinnula, Marianne: Towards transdisciplinary research

[PDF] Pettersen, Lene: Mixed methodology or mixing up methodology?

[PDF] Torgersson, Olof: The case of the strong champion user

[PDF] Wiltse, Heather: Adventures of an interdisciplinary native


The workshop will take place on August 18th 2015 at Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark, and it is affiliated with the Critical Alternatives 2015 conference.